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A different kind of book

How to Really Look at Things

There are wonders and beauties all around us, but do we really see them?



“The most visual approach to the classic question: what is art? An incredible book!” – M. Duchamp

Art is everywhere book

Can you find art in the ordinary?

Wonders in the everyday?

Is it possible to discover something wonderful and special without necessarily visiting museums, monuments, or places that are different from where we habitually go?

The book combines science, hands-on practices used in art workshops, and clear and simple language to answer these questions.

And raise some others.

“A very accessible tool for art education” – B. Munari

Art is everywhere book

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A Different Kind of Book

Through ingenious collages and montages, this illustrated book aims to stimulate readers to observe the world as they have never seen it before.

This is a different kind of book, something between a tourist-guide, a cooking magazine and a children’s book: 112 pages, with the soul of a book and speed of a magazine, but without ads.

“Truly blurring the boundary between what is framed and what is not. Pretty amazing” – M. Duchamp

Art is everywhere book


The inspiration for this book came from the work of Bruno Munari, one of the first artists who, already in the 1940s, developed art workshops for children and introduced radical ideas on how to make art more accessible for everyone.

Some of the people featured in the book include (in no order):

Brian Eno, Naoto Fukasawa, Gianni Rodari, Alan Fletcher, Banksy, Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Saul Steinberg, Joshua Bell, Yuriko Saito, Lucy Lippard, Constant Nieuwenhuis, John Berger, Ernst Gombrich, Ad Reinhardt, Susan Sontag, Vladimir Arkhipov and Bruno Munari.

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About The Author

SerraGlia is the alias of Lorenzo Servi (b.1979), an Italian-born architect, visual artist and designer domiciled in Finland.

In 2012, he started to focus on how to make contemporary art more accessible to everyone by founding the Imagined Museum of Contemporary Art, and by holding workshops in Finland and abroad.

You can find more at www.serraglia.com

Art is everywhere book

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