Have you ever wondered why our senses become more alert when, say as tourists, we visit a city for the first time?

And why it often seems that nothing extraordinary or exceptional ever happens along our daily routes?

Art is Everywhere, How to Really Look at Things” combines science, hands-on practices used in art workshops, and clear and simple language to answer these questions. And raise some others.

This is a different kind of book, something between a tourist-guide, a cooking magazine and a children’s book.

Texts, illustrations and images are treated at the same way, and merged/combined together to create an unique storytelling experience: 112 pages, with the soul of a book and speed of a magazine, but without ads.


A very accessible tool of art education


The workshop that is part of this book can be applied very well in art education starting form secondary school level.

Through ingenious collages and montages, this book inspires us to use art as a lens through which to view our familiar surroundings, altering our expectations of everyday objects and truly blurring the boundary between what is framed and what is not.

The most visual approach to the classic question: what is art?

Concept, text and design: Lorenzo Servi alias SerraGlia
Editing and proofreading: Helen Nodding
Published by: BIS Publishers

Publication date: April, 2016
Language: English
Dimensions: 220 x 145 mm
Pages: 112 pages
Binding: Paperback

ISBN 978 90 6369 418 0