“Art is Everywhere: the workshop” aims to create an alternative guide to a city by highlighting objects, colors, shapes, and parts of the urban landscape that normally go unnoticed.

During the workshop, participants are invited to explore the city with new eyes, completing small assignments and documenting their findings with photographs.

The experience culminates in the creation of a collective map or guide that will stimulate future visitors and the participants themselves to visit and observe the city from an alternative, more curious point of view.

The workshop that is part of this book can be applied very well in art education starting form secondary school level.

In the book you will find a series of images of found objects, involuntary-paintings, accidental sculptures, colors, shapes, or anything else. These give you an idea of what can be found whilst walking around the city.

Interested in having a workshop at your school or museum?

The workshop is suitable for all abilities and all ages starting from 14+.

If would like more information please contact me here.